There are a few techniques financial consultants use to determine fees. Commissions or a certain percentage of your investments are very common. When a consultant is paid with one of these methods they are no longer unbiased. The consultant may recommend a path that is too risky for you, yet they are confident in, so that their paycheck goes up.

320 Life uses a per hour method so that the client is paying for our time alone.

Another common practice in business is receiving compensation for referrals. 320 Life, LLC does not receive any compensation for referrals you receive. Since you pay us for our time you know we are as unbiased as a human can be.

Additionally, many consultants have radio and TV shows on which they promote their thoughts and opinions on the world of finance. Even these finance "gurus" are biased toward getting you to buy their books and support their advertisers.

Finally, a common charge many consultants charge is 1% of your assets that they manage for you. If you had $500,000 and were charged 1%, that is $5000 for the consultant. 320 Life, LLC will provide a Financial Fitness Check Up for $150/hour. You could work with 320 Life, LLC for 33 hours before breaking even. 320 Life, LLC is not a registered investment advisor, and thus will not provide specific investment advise or management. What we will do is help you understand the investment world so that you can make the specific choices on your own.